On this website you can download and play in 3D selected katas and techniques. Just select your favorite karateka (dataset) and click a button. An order of datasets is random.

Dataset 1

Woman, black belt, height: 168 cm


Click the button to open 3D visualization*,**

* There is no translation in visualization.
** Browser requirements: IE v.11, Firefox v.53, Chrome v.58, Safari v.?


The below *.zip archive contains motion capture data of following techniques:
Furi uchi (l, r), shita uchi (l, r), tsuki (l, r), hiza geri (l, r), mae geri (l, r), mawashi geri (l, r), yoko geri (l, r) jodan uke (l, r), gedan barai (l, r), soto uke (l, r), uchi uke (l, r), kiba dachi (l, r), kokutsu dachi (l, r), zenkutsu dachi (l, r).
All are stored in *.csv and *.bvh file format. (l, r) means left and right side.

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